Goldilocks turns 4!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Goldilocks, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!

We had such fun getting dressed in our party clothes and bringing our bears from home. We sang songs, played party games and ate party food. Goldilocks had a great party.

Have a look at all the fun we had………


Getting ready for a party.

Goldilocks, the little girl from our story was turning 4 just like we all will this year. So we thought we would give her a special birthday party.

First we wrote invitations to our friends and our teddies at home to come and enjoy the fun. We talked about when and where the party would be and that we would need to put all that on our invitation.

We decorated biscuits for the party using special icing pens to all have a go at writing the first letter of our names.

Forest Schools

Now all the Jewels have had a change to join in with Forest Schools I have added some photos of what we got up to. Everyone had a brilliant time including me!!

The children went looking for bears and most importantly Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear from our story. They follow trails of large foot prints, broken chairs and porridge. Luckily all the bears were found safe and sound.

The children made their own bear masks using only natural materials such as mud to decorate them which they found great fun.

We got to sit around the fire and drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn which was a nice way to warm up as it was a bit chilly in the forest!

The children were brilliant and worked hard to follow all the forest rules and keep safe. We can not wait to go for another visit.

Porridge for the bears

We started our first ‘Stories for talking’ book this week. The story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We are enjoying getting to know what Goldilocks got up to when she went to the bears house.

The first thing she did was eat Baby bears porridge….Oh dear Goldilocks! So we have been making porridge to cheer baby bear up.  We have been mixing and pouring with the oats. Some of us have been writing the recipe for how to make porridge.

Does your child like porridge for their breakfast?

Mrs Nunns

Sheep Hunt

We have been reading ‘Baa Baa Pink Sheep’ and using the rhymes to help us learn our colours. It was all going well until…..we lost all our sheep so we set off outside to go on a sheep hunt. The Jewels did a brilliant job and we found all the sheep, matched the colours and the numbers! Good job!

It’s Spider Season

After learning the rhyme ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ the children have been enjoying exploring all things spiders. They have been making spiders in the workshop looking for different materials to be legs. They have been practicing fine motor control while painting long legs on spiders. They have been counting spiders and their legs too!

We have been very busy but ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ is a definite favourite for the Jewels so ask them to sing it for you at home!

Anyone for a cup of tea?

We have had a lovely first few weeks in F1 welcoming our new friends! What better way to get to know each other than sharing a ‘cuppa’ together.

We are learning the song ‘I’m a little tea pot’ and our Pyebank Tea Shop has helped us explore this further….take a look 🙂